Dr. Bernard Brandstater

Professor of Anesthesiology, Loma Linda University, Research Associate MB, BS, FRCA, FANZCA, FACA


Bernard was born into a God-loving pastor’s family in Australia, and won a six-year scholarship through medical school in Adelaide University. Starting med school at age 16, he was the youngest in his class, an active member of the Evangelical Union, and leader of a weekly student prayer fellowship. Awarded a Fulbright grant, he did postgraduate study in Philadelphia and London, earning British and Australian fellowships. He accepted to teach at the American University of Beirut, where a two-year contract stretched into a productive thirteen-year tenure. He chaired a new department which became a leader in the Middle East, introduced improved anesthesia techniques, was the founding editor of the Middle East Journal of Anaesthesiology, and hosted the first-ever conference of anesthesiologists in the region. Amidst political turmoil he moved to Loma Linda University in Southern California. There, also, he became chair of a new department which grew into a national leader. He pioneered epidural anesthesia for obstetrics; he introduced advanced methods of mechanical respiration; his research triggered a new era in intensive care for sick infants; he founded a pioneering pain management clinic. In early 2013 he gave an invitational lecture at Sydney University. Always an energetic churchman and music-maker, Bernard has preached often, and served as church organist and as choir and band director. He is a leader in prayer ministry, and for years was Head Elder of a 6000 member church. Persuaded that creation is a foundational tenet of biblical Christian faith, Bernard has pursued a broad spectrum of origins sciences. He has published influential articles on biblical creation, on cosmology, and on aesthetic aspects of intelligent design. His hobbies have included archaeology (Egyptology), blue water sailing (on tall ships), whitewater river rafting (Grand Canyon, Alsek River in Alaska), and mountain climbing (he summited the Matterhorn in Switzerland and Aconcagua in Argentina, 22,834 feet). Grateful for undeserved blessings, Bernard is wholly God’s man. He is married and has four adult children and seven grandchildren.

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