Dr. Dan Biddle

Logos Research Associate, Behavioral Scientist, President of Genesis Apologetics, Inc.


Daniel A. Biddle, Ph.D. is President of Genesis Apologetics, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to equipping youth pastors, parents, and students with Biblical answers for evolutionary teaching in public schools. Daniel has trained thousands of students in Biblical creation and evolution and is the author of several Creation-related publications. Daniel’s professional background includes training as a behavioral scientist (Ph.D. Industrial-Organizational Psychology) and 20 years’ experience in expert witness consulting/testimony in state/federal cases involving statistical research methods and psychometrics. Daniel maintains an executive role in two HR consulting and test development firms.

While Daniel has been a Christian since age 11, his position on the specific chronology of Genesis remained “undeclared” until 2011 when the evidence surrounding the fossil record (dinosaurs in particular), flood geology, and biblical exegesis led him to the historical position on the Genesis account.

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