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Dr. Timothy Cooper

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Director of Fermentation, Logos Research Associate

Dr. Timothy Cooper


Since obtaining his doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering with a focus on biotechnology, Dr. Tim Cooper has over 26 years of industrial fermentation experience from multiple companies and research areas.  As Director of Fermentation for Wyeth (now Pfizer) his team developed key elements of the blockbuster vaccine Prevnar 13®. Dr. Cooper has additionally led fermentation research groups for DowAgro (organic biopesticides), Proterro (photosynthesis), and Eastman Chemical (butanol). The breath of activity has ranged from leading genetic engineering teams to improving large scale fermentation processes.  He is currently employed with Novozymes, coming on board to lead the fermentation efforts of the then newly created BioAg Alliance. He has recently stepped into the newly created role of Fermentation Specialist in Novozymes’ Microbial business, providing development, trouble-shooting and scale-up expertise across the portfolio of products and production sites. He has a passion for teaching. He has recently accepted invitations for teaching both advanced fermentation topics as well as classes that challenge students to investigate the claims of popular science topics that seem to stray into philosophy.

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