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James Stroud

Ancient Historian and Philosopher of Religion; M.A. Ancient History, B.A. religion Operator of Biblical Philosophy of History Museum; LogosRA Ambassador

James Stroud


James holds a Masters in Ancient History and a Bachelors in Philosophy of religion. He is a member of the Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Association of Ancient Historians (AAH), Society of Historical Archaeology (SHA), the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) and been accepted into the prestigious CS Lewis Summer program by the Center of Science and Culture (Discovery Institute). His Masters thesis was revised and published as The Philosophy of History: Naturalism vs. Biblical Theism in which he argues as a historian and philosopher on the merits of biblical theism. He has also worked with an hosted many speakers in the area of Christian apologetics, served and worked with William Lane Craig as a Chapter leader for Reasonable Faith as well as opening/operating a museum of biblical history ( with the partnership of the Great Passion Play of Eureka Springs Arkansas which saw just under 4,000 visitors in its first year of operation (2016). James has published articles in: Apologetics315, San Francisco Book Reviews, JW Wartick’s journal: Always Have a Reason, Words Matter, and the UK based magazine: History Today. His most recent passions involve working within the Arts and the Francis Schaeffer Institute. James and his wife Gina recently returned from living in the New York City area and now make their home in Rogers Arkansas.

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