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Jason Browning

Computer Scientist, M.S. Computer Science, Technical Project Manager, Website Developer, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Founder of, LogosRA Ambassador

Jason Browning


Jason is the founder (2008) and President of, a New Jersey based creation study group and creation apologetics website. He has been involved in creation ministry for over 30 years, speaking and teaching regularly on the subject at the study group and local churches and Christian schools. He is author of the e-book “Top 15 Evidences for God and Creation” plus many presentations and videos found on the website. He attends Sayre Woods Bible Church in Old Bridge, NJ where he has been an Elder since 2007. He is a member of the Creation Research Society. He is an inaugural member of the Creation Science Association of Fiji and is a team member for the Search for the Truth ministries project to teach creation and give a Gospel invitation at high school assemblies to all high schools in Fiji, where a Bible-science devotional book is distributed to all students and staff. His career has been in computer business systems analysis, project management, user interface design and usability and website development at telecommunications and consulting firms. He is married to Kathy and they have four adult children and three grandchildren to date!

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