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Logos Research Associates 2022 Conference

at Green Lake Conference Center is cancelled.

July 7, 2022

Dear Friends -
Sadly, we have had to cancel the LogosRA conference at the Green Lake Conference Center. The handful of people who reserved rooms will be fully refunded. An internal telephone survey by the Board has shown that most of our people at this time, do not plan to attend such a conference in person. It has become clear to the board that our people are anxious about travel time, travel cost, travel uncertainty, a precarious economy, and social chaos.
The board feels that these hurdles can be resolved by holding our conference on-line. We would use something like Zoom. An on-line conference has many advantages. No travel time, no travel cost, no transportation uncertainty, more time for speakers, more time for chat groups, opportunity to record and edit presentations, opportunity to translate talks into other languages, and opportunity for international exchange. Also, the attendees will be able to selectively chose their presentations of interest. Our survey indicates that a zoom-type conference would draw many more people.
At this time, we plan to use the same time-frame (Oct 7-9), and the same speakers. We should be able to facilitate small group discussions. We would like to hire a few professionals to help facilitate the technical on-line details, as we hope to have a sizeable group. If you are knowledgeable about such technology, please let us know.
We will get back to you in the next few weeks. We sense all this is part of the Lord’s plan, and that the alternative format will greatly broaden the scope of our discussions. Thanks for your patience!
Blessings - the LogosRA Board

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