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New Starting 2024: Engineer & Technologist Matching Program (ETMP)

In November 2023 we expanded our ministry to include an engineering and technology related resources group to come alongside and support scientists doing creation science research. This group includes professional areas of expertise that have not traditionally been included in creation science research.
This action recognizes that the origin of all things was designed with engineering principles and implemented by the creator God way beyond man's ability to imagine or replicate. This is continually confirmed by a wide variety of ongoing scientific discoveries.
Our objectives: 

1. Maximize creation research by bringing in more computing capability and expertise,
2. Apply the benefit of engineering expertise for creation of higher-level hypotheses to drive scientific research and predictions,
3. Be a ministry to both the scientists who have not traditionally had these resources available as well as for engineering/technology professionals who have not traditionally had opportunities to contribute their expertise to the creationism movement.
The professionals include those who have expertise in engineering, design, computer science and/or programming, numerical analysis, databases, geographic information systems (GIS), mathematics and statistics, and similar fields. Participants of the ETMP will contribute their expertise in support of the scientific research where our partnership can be fruitful. If you would like to join us, please submit a contact request with your information.

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