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Grand Canyon Field Tour 2019

Understanding the Genesis Flood from a New Perspective!


September 13th - September 15th, 2019 - 3 Days / 2 Nights for just $285

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Goal: Trip participants will get a clear understanding of the Genesis flood from a new perspective.
Dates: 3 Days / 2 Nights at Grand Canyon, September 13th to September 15th, 2019.
Cost: $285.00 per person

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2019 Tour Guides


Jeremy D. Lyon, Ph.D.

Dr. Lyon earned a B.A. in Religion from Carson-Newman College, a M.Div. in Advanced Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages, and a Ph.D. in Old Testament from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His dissertation research was on “Qumran Interpretation of the Genesis Flood.” He also spent several months in Israel at the University of the Holy Land studying the Dead Sea Scrolls as part of his Ph.D. program. Since 2011, Dr. Lyon has served as an adjunct instructor for Liberty University’s School of Religion Online. From 2012 to 2014, he served as full-time Professor of Old Testament at Southern California Seminary, where he developed a graduate-level apologetics concentration and taught courses on Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and creation apologetics. He also founded and directed the Center for Creation Studies at Southern California Seminary, where he coordinated creation apologetics research, education, and outreach. As director, he coordinated two creation conferences, a debate which he also moderated, and Grand Canyon educational tours which he also co-instructed. In 2014, Dr. Lyon joined Logos Research Associates as a Research Associate. Since August 2014, he has served as Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Truett-McConnell College.  

"The Grand Canyon Tour provided an inspirational validation of the integrity, precision, and scope of Scriptural revelation."

-John Fritch

Tour Quotes

William A. Hoesch, M.S.

William earned a B.A. in Geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a M.S. in Geology from the Institute for Creation Research.  His Master’s Thesis was on the timing of sandstone dike emplacement in the Colorado Front Range, a topic with profound implications for a young earth and global flood.  He has since defended this topic before secular geologists, including 50 participants on a recent Geological Society of America (GSA) field trip that he co-led and for which he was a co-author. 


For eight years William worked as a professional geologist and engineer in oil and gas exploration in Wyoming, Texas, and offshore West Africa.  His conversion to Christ during this time revolutionized his views on earth history and he worked for 18 years at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) as both Research Assistant in Geology and Public Information Officer.  He has contributed in field research on the Redwall Limestone of the Grand Canyon region, and in lab research on the Radioisotope Dating and the Age of the Earth (RATE) project.  He has instructed on over 15 ICR-led creation field tours, and was the Tour Leader on three of these.  He loves outdoor education whether by backpack, raft or bus-tour and currently serves with Logos Research Associates and with the Southern California Seminary where he teaches origins science as part of their adjunct faculty.      

"This tour was an exceptional learning experience as to how powerfully the sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon testify to the global Flood cataclysm described in the Bible.  The content of the teaching was outstanding.  The teachers did a great job of answering our questions.  The fellowship was wonderful.  The food was great.  The Canyon is spectacular beyond words."
























                                                               SCS Grand Canyon Educational Tour 2013


"SCS staff did a phenomenal job in planning and executing this fine trip to the Grand Canyon. We were challenged beyond words by Christian scientists and professors who are well respected even in the secular community for their research and study. The hike was challenging but not impossible and well worth the effort. Pictures of course cannot do justice to the handy work of God seen in the Grand Canyon. It definitely puts God's glory and majesty on display!"


-Barbara Boucher


"To think I could actually see evidence to support Noah's flood in the Grand Canyon was news to me.  The information presented by biblical and geological experts seemed credible by ear but gained new meaning when witnessed by my own eyes as we hiked down the canyon and observed fossils and rock layers from many different points along the south rim. I now have an understanding and appreciation for the Flood event, the canyon, and our omnipotent and holy God that is based on visual evidence and experience with others."


-Karen Fritch


"The trip was spiritually uplifting; truly a genesis for a biblical earth science understanding. Additionally it was tectonically and catastrophically enlightening. The layering of accumulated evidentiary material was delivered in a clear and convincing manner leading one to an overwhelming conclusion regarding the world wide Noah flood, God’s immeasurable power and His abundant grace."


-"Bud" Green


"This trip has further opened our eyes to why origins matter and how the earth testifies to God's sovereign justice. Highly recommend signing up for further trips with SCS."


-Jeremiah and Tori Marrujo


"I would highly recommend the Grand Canyon trip through Southern California Seminary. The teaching was invaluable in helping us understand the formation of the Grand Canyon during the biblical flood of a Noah's day. Expert analysis and commentary were provided through the use of sound scientific principles and God's Word. The staff did an excellent job of taking care of our needs during the trip and while at camp. This trip is a must for those interested in expanding their use of apologetics through God's creation."


-Jim Croman, Elder at Grace Community Church of Ramona


"Traveling with people who know scripture and can apply it to what is seen in the geology of the Grand Canyon was very informative. You will come away being more in awe of God than ever. Highly recommended."



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