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Logos is partnering with Ratio Christi. Ratio Christi (RC) is a new campus ministry focusing exclusively on Christian apologetics. RC is an exploding new ministry and will systematically bring in high-level Christian apologists to university and  college campuses across the country (and also campuses in other countries). We have been asked to provide a list of Logos speakers who are best qualified to address campus audiences.


This is a remarkable opportunity to bring the Biblical Christian perspective to university campuses on a nationwide scale. The network of apologists which RC is assembling, has relatively few speakers who are trained in science and who can address the scientific issues of the creation/evolution debate. Logos has been invited to present the young-earth side of creation apologetics – in the context of a civil dialog with Christian brothers and sisters who hold the old-earth perspective.

LogosRA News!

Logos Research Associates partners with Ratio Christi
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