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July 20,2022

Dear Friends -


Since our inception, LogosRA has sought to bring together Christian men and women who are trained, capable, and willing to defend the Christian faith, and to defend the importance of Genesis 1-11.  Our motto has been “Good Science Affirms Scripture”, and we have consistently seen this to be true! Likewise, we have tried to build research teams, encourage one another, and fortify our fellowship. 


As the world around us is rapidly changing, we also need to change.  An important part of our mission has been advanced by our periodic conferences in various parts of the United States. In our last letter, we explained that we needed to cancel the Green Lakes Conference in Wisconsin, due to all the many uncertainties in our increasingly broken world. We proposed that we should convert to on-line conferences.


We are realizing that going on-line has many important advantages. Not only does going on-line save enormous amounts of time and money, it means that the timing of presentations can be more flexible, with frequent on-line interactions being more and more practical - even connecting different regions of the world. So, instead of trying to squeeze 14-15 technical presentations into a single exhausting weekend, we believe we should spread out our presentations over a period of time. Instead of a big event that happens every few years, we believe we should now shift to a series of mini-conferences - this will be much better!


This fall we plan to reschedule our outstanding 14-15 speakers to speak by zoom over a period of 5 weeks (about 3 presentations per week). This might involve a Friday night, a Saturday night, and a Sunday night. People can choose to view some, or all, of these presentations (depending on topics of interests). We will encourage our associates to invite family or friends to join them. We think this venue will be fun and very effective!


After these 15 autumn “mini-conferences”, we hope to start to have continuous zoom presentations, either weekly or monthly. If we wish to meet weekly, we might generate something like “Saturday Night at the Movies”.

The LogosRA Board will need to select and vet speakers appropriately. We realize that because we are many, we will have lots of good material to share within our fellowship. We also realize there are many other highly-qualified people outside LogosRA, who would also be highly qualified to present to us. If we invite friends and family to join us, we may end up generating a large number of interested viewers on a regular basis.


What would this look like? The presenter could present live, and the audience could ask questions in real time. If there is a fairly small group, the audience might interact and get to know each other. The session could then be recorded, and edited as needed. The recorded presentation would then be active on our website, where anyone on the planet could watch it prior to the next session.  The previous presentations would stay somewhere on our website indefinitely, for later viewing by any interested party.


Expanding our vision into the future, our best presentations could be simplified (i.e., for laypeople), and translated into other languages. For example, we would like to develop several essential PowerPoint presentations, that clearly and simply communicate the primary evidences that support the historicity of Genesis 1-11. These presentations could be polished and compelling, and could be translated into numerous languages for use by local churches, local creation evangelists, and local church leaders. Eventually, these simplified presentations could be supplemented to globally help laypeople develop a deeper understanding of the various issues.


We propose that the first mini-conference presentation start in the Fall.


We welcome your feedback!



Sincerely - The LogosRA Board

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