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The Rocks (Still) Cry Out: Geologic and Geophysical Evidence for Biblical Catastrophic Plate Tectonics

Dr John Baumgardner

Research Professor Emeritus in the School of Engineering at Liberty University; LogosRA Associate, PhD Geophysics

Wednesday June 14, 2023 at 9:00 ET

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​What conceivable mechanism could have produced the vast fossil record and geological transformation of the earth evident all around us in a single year-long Genesis Flood event?

​Answering this question correctly has been a major focus for Dr John Baumgardner (UCLA PhD Geophysics) for more than 35 years.

His conclusion is that the Flood was one facet of a larger global-scale tectonic cataclysm. A key aspect of this catastrophe was the rapid sinking, in conveyor belt fashion, of the pre-Flood ocean tectonic plates into the earth's interior. The energy required for the process was derived from the earth's gravity acting on the excess weight of these cold ocean plates relative to the hotter and less dense mantle rock into which they slid. 

Multiple lines of evidence show that all of today’s igneous seafloor rocks cooled and crystallized after a significant fraction of the continental fossil-bearing sediment record was already in place.  That means that the Flood cataclysm was already well under way before any of the igneous seafloor which exists today had formed via the process of seafloor spreading.  It also means that the entirety of the ocean floor that was on the earth before the Flood and much that formed during the early portion of the Flood has been recycled via subduction into the earth’s interior since the Flood’s beginning.  

The strong conclusion is that the processes of seafloor spreading and subduction must have unfolded at an extremely rapid pace during the Flood.  The implication is that the Flood was not only a hydrological cataclysm but a tectonic cataclysm as well.  This mechanism for the Flood cataclysm was first introduced in the mid 1980’s and has become known as catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT).

This presentation will deal with additional evidence for the reality of CPT, the physical mechanisms responsible for its occurrence, and how, through the tsunamis it generated, it produced the thousands of feet of fossil-bearing sediments that now blanket the continents.  

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