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2020 Update from Dr. Biddle

In November of last year we started a new project to address the evolution teaching in Secular Natural History Museums. Every year millions of students stream through these "Shrines of Evolution" and drink in the ideas of random evolution over millions of unseen years. So we worked with Steven Policastro with the IAC (also a Logos Research Ambassador) to send photo/video teams to the 10 leading natural history museums and take photos of all their evolution-pitching exhibits. After distilling thousands of videos and finding the 10 most common evolution themes/icons, we settled on a Top 10 list. So what's our plan of attack? It has four steps:

1-Prepare a movie that highlights a young Creationist "schooling" a museum docent in a public museum talk. She will tactfully tear down all of his main evolutionary ideas. This will be done professionally and tastefully. Movie is coming out in the fall, called "Genesis Impact." 2-Prepare training videos on the Top 10 icons and post them free on YouTube, making them available for everyone at no charge Humans and Chimps Share 98% of their DNA? Ardipithecus ramidus (“Ardi”) “Lucy” the Australopithecus afarensis Homo habilis Neanderthal Man Human Family Tree and “March of Progress” Icon Darwin’s Finches The Fossil Record & “Transitional Forms” Dinosaur Extinction: Noah’s Flood or an Asteroid? Whale Evolution The Nature of Science: Historical Science vs. Observational Science Deep Time and Radiometric Dating

The first three have already been released and are up on our YouTube Channel.

3-Make a book on the topics/videos above.

4-Work with the IAC to setup a "Creation-based tour" offering at the 7-10 leading Natural History Museums in the U.S. and train/certify/hire docents for the same. These docents will use "whisper" devices to give tours of 15-20 students for 1-2 hours at the leading museums. People will be able to sign up online for the museums in their areas. Steven is still working on this process. Email for more info or for ways to help! All materials expected due in October. Blessings, Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D.

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