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An Update from Dr. Andy McIntosh: (November 2019)

I am now retired from the University of Leeds, but hold an Emeritus chair in Thermodynamics. The main focus of my ministry is to teach believers the importance of Creation and to use the creation message to reach unbelievers. My ministry involves meetings in the UK, the US, Asia, sometimes Africa and South America. I am also co-director of the UK education think tank Truth in Science where we are seeking to influence education policy in the UK which is fast not only embracing evolutionary dogma, but also the ethics of lifestyles which are totally against what the Bible teaches.

Please pray that I will be given strength to carry on with the current travelling ministry as the Lord leads, and that I will be able to write - I wish to produce a book on Flight to add to the books and videos that have already been produced.

My biggest burden for the nation of the UK is that the church would see the importance of the issue of Creation to believing in the authority of the Word of God which is so crucial to revival in our nation. It is exactly the same in the US. There is more thirst in the East for the Biblical message than here in the West.

We ran at Truth in Science Summer School for young people of student age in September this year (2019) for the first time. We sought to mentor these students to be prepared for facing the challenges of theistic evolution (the unbiblical belief that somehow God used evolution to make the world), and secular evolutionary philosophy in their courses of Biology / Chemistry / Medicine / Theology / Education / Geology at their University. This was very worthwhile with about 30 students we pray will become future leaders in their CUs and in their work environments later on, and we are seeking to repeat this next year (2020) at a larger venue. We are aiming to grow to 50-60 for the next Summer School.

My website is still being developed, but please feel free to visit, as you can get some idea as to the ministry from the site:

I am also doing research into the Bombardier Beetle at Liberty University, Virginia where we are seeking to develop a Fire Extinguisher based on this technology. The work needs the support of investors to build a working fire extinguisher. Dr. Mark Horstemeyer (also a Logos Research Associates speaker) is Dean of Engineering at Liberty University and has granted laboratory space for building such a test facility. To see more information on this project, please visit:

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