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Ministry Update from Bruce Malone

I left my job as a Research Leader for Dow Chemical 13 years ago and have been speaking and writing on the scientific and historical evidence for Biblical creation since that time. We currently have over 500,000 books on this topic in print and routinely give them to students, prisoners, and missionaries for use in both the US and foreign countries. In 2019 I have led teams on 5 mission trips to teach on the evidence for creation in the public schools systems in Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Philippines. So far we have spoken in over 200 high schools to over 100,000 students - each student getting a copy of our Explore the World: Knowing God Exists by Observing Creation devotional book. Our greatest need is raising funds to print additional book to reach more students and finding someone to mentor who will catch the vision to continue this work.

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For more information, visit Bruce Malone's website:

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