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Ministry Update from Kevin Conover

Hi everyone! Kevin Conover of Educate For Life here. God has been keeping my ministry busy with a lot of great stuff! Here is a quick update on what we’ve been doing recently.

For the past few years we’ve been working on a huge project called Educate For Life Online. The goal was to create an easily accessible online school of apologetics, so that anyone can learn the evidence for Christianity. To do this, we turned my entire apologetics curriculum (which I’ve been teaching to Christian high school students for over 10 years) into high definition video lessons. I’m happy to announce that this past month, we reached a major milestone in this goal: all 40 class videos for the curriculum are now live on our website:


With the video lessons finished, our overall goal of creating an online school of apologetics is nearly complete! We've already let people start enrolling in the program, and here's what they are saying:

"I am a current college student at a state school and am so glad I took a few of these courses on creation. Being a science major, it is really difficult to defend why belief in God and creation is much more plausible than evolution. Not only did these courses preserve my childhood faith in a fragile period of my life, my faith grew as a result. I feel I have a better foundation because of the knowledge I've learned. I would recommend Educate for Life to anyone either looking to defend what they believe in or searching for answers themselves."

- Becca Whitaker, college student

"Thank you, Educate for Life! Not only is this ministry helping me to be better equipped to share my faith, it has also greatly deepened my own passion and reverence for the Lord. While there are a variety of wonderful Christian apologetics ministries out there, Educate for Life stands out because of the excellent quality and user friendly format of the video lectures. I appreciate that the lectures can also be used with middle school aged students. My eleven-year-old son is a visual learner, so the variety of video clips, interviews, charts, etc. that are embedded into the lectures are so helpful in keeping him (as well as myself) very engaged. In addition, Kevin comes across as very approachable, knowledgeable, respectful and articulate."

-Mindy Wong, homeschool mom You can view a preview of one of our creation classes, on the topic of genetics and intelligent design, here:

In the past few months on my radio show, I’ve interviewed Christian pro skater Kanten Russell, apologist to Islam Sam Shamoun, creation scientist Dr. Jerry Bergman, and Christian pro surfer, speaker and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, among others. My goal with the show is to amplify the voices of some of the amazing people God is using right now to accomplish awesome things. You can see over 150 past episodes of my radio show on our Youtube channel:

We’ve had a lot going on offline as well. Every month we go to Mission Beach in San Diego to hand out free water and hot dogs, as well as invite people to church, offer prayer, and get into some really deep conversations. You can see some photos here from the most recent event. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to some awesome groups recently. I talked to Mom Life at Shadow Mountain Community Church about raising Christian kids, Calvary Chapel Oceanside about the age of the earth, and Magnolia Church about the historical accuracy of the Bible. I also had the chance to be the speaker for Maranatha High School’s camp, and lead four sessions on some important and sensitive topics including homosexuality. My primary goal is to help Christian kids and parents wrestle with the hard questions about their faith, so that they the next generation will be equipped to always give an answer for what they believe. As 2019 is drawing to a close, we’re looking forward to Educate For Life doing great things in 2020. I hope to see our online ministry taken to the next level, so that we can reach thousands of people with the evidence for Christianity that is so desperately needed in our world today. But we can’t do it without the help of our supporters and donors! Please pray for our ongoing efforts to spread apologetics, and follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with what we are doing. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to our ministry, you can do so at:

Thank you so much for supporting Educate For Life! Serving Christ with you, Kevin Conover

Directory for more information:

Our online school of apologetics:

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