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Ministry Update from Steven Policastro

I am the founder and director of the International Association for Creation. My team and I are working with Christians worldwide to credibly promote, protect, and preserve the God-given inalienable right of every individual human being to access quality Christ-centered education while affirming the faith of Christians and declaring the salvation message to the lost. Our team works in dozens of nations around the world, including Bolivia, Hungary, Ethiopia, and Mongolia, to equip national Christian homeschool leaders and work closely with them to legalize homeschooling in their nations which we have been seeing tremendous success in recent months. Please pray for me that I will be able to continue leading my team in these exciting projects overseas. One of our newest projects on the home front here in the United States of America is the launch of creation tours at world-class natural history museums in major cities, including Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Washington (DC).

While this has been a monumental undertaking, one that had been delayed due to last year's events, our team has not been deterred. The tour guides we now have stationed all across the United States of America received training and mentorship from our experts. Each individual is now ready to tear down the strongholds of evolution. Teaching about God's world through the lens of God's Word at local natural history museums will give rise to changed lives and changed communities, like that of Laura from Chicago.

Back in February 2020, I was leading a creation tour of the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois where I met Laura and her family. Laura and her children seemed a bit nervous to be at the museum on that frigid February morning on the lake. As they walked through the museum with the rest of our tour group, it was so encouraging to see their faces begin filling up with amazement and wonder as if they had heard about God’s world through the lens of God’s Word for the very first time. Come to find out, it was their first time! At the end of the tour Laura came up to me and said, ‘I have never been to the Field Museum with my children, I was scared to take them into the exhibits because of the evolutionary indoctrination. Thank you for showing me not to be afraid of teaching my children.’ There are hundreds of parents’ stories just like Laura’s; together, we have been called to help Laura and thousands of other Christian parents not be afraid.

Placing creation tour guides at secular museums on a nationwide scale like this has never been attempted before. We look forward to the continued success in our launch cities and adding additional metros throughout this year. We are confident that, as the Lord leads us each step of the way, we will succeed in helping students, parents, and families across America better know and trust God as Creator, Savior, and Lord through these world-class museums.

I personally wanted to invite you to join our circle of monthly champions who make it possible for children and parents, like Laura, to move from fear to faith through our creation tours:

We express our deepest gratitude for your support and prayers of the International Association for Creation. Special thanks to Dr. John Sanford of Logos Research Associates and Dr. Dan Biddle of Genesis Apologetics.

Sincerely in Christ,

Steven Policastro

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