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Update from Dr. Biddle

Check out Behind the Scenes Filming of our New Flood Movie at Answers in Genesis "Ark Encounter"! Visit the official Noah's Flood page HERE. A big thanks to Answers in Genesis and their experts for hosting our film shoot at the Ark Encounter last week! We were privileged to interview Dr. Snelling, Dr. Haynes, Dr. Mortenson and Tim Chaffey inside the Ark and the rest of our eight experts will be interviewed at Liberty University in January. Then we begin a year+ of post-production with the goal of producing the best Flood film to date! A big thanks to producer/director Ralph Strean and his film crew (including Kyle Justice) for the film shoot this week! Your donations will help make this film possible! Thank you for contributing as you feel led. We've already raised over $150,000 and are set to raise an additional $250,000 to bring this film to fruition. Thank you for your help! Blessings, Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D. President

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