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Research Updates

What are our members up to?

At Logo Research Associates our members are actively doing creation research. One way we encourage and support our members is by featuring updates on their research. We hope these member updates will facilitate the community within our fellowship and be an encouragement to our Logos Friends as they stay up-to-date with our members.


  • Improvement in the numerical modeling of catastrophic plate tectonics aspects of the Genesis Flood, including early Flood continent motions and late Flood mountain uplift.


  • Modeling possible rotational instability of the earth during the Flood and the erosion/ sedimentation patterns expected from high-velocity shearing at the water-earth interface.


  • Investigation of supersonic steam jets as possibly corresponding to the “fountains of the great deep,” with their entrained water a possible explanation for the Flood’s heavy rain.


  • Modeling the climate response to a significant increase in ocean temperature during the centuries that immediately followed the Flood.


  • Field studies and numerical modeling of super faults (very large scale and catastrophic displacements of the earth’s crust) and their possible role in biblical earth history.

  • Investigation of the mutation/selection process using Mendel’s Accountant. Five publications are in preparation. The most significant findings are that (1) most deleterious mutations are “un-selectable”, making genetic degeneration inevitable, and (2) all low-impact beneficial mutations are un-selectable, making forward evolution impossible.


  • Application of new DNA visualization techniques to discover higher levels of organization within the genome, to reveal even more clearly that our genome is fearfully and wonderfully designed.


  • Analysis of published human DNA sequences from individuals all over the world to help demonstrate that the existing genetic patterns are most consistent with the biblical account of human history.

  • Investigation of a mass kill and rapid burial of nautiloid fossils by sediment gravity flow as the straightforward explanation for a thin but extraordinarily widespread limestone stratum in Grand Canyon Mississippian rocks.


  • Exploration of “mega-flood” landforms in the Santa Cruz River valley of southern Argentina as evidence for post-Flood catastrophism, and their implications to critical judgment errors made by Charles Darwin on his celebrated Voyage of the Beagle.


  • Discovery and study of deeply buried Arctic peat layers and their implications for the post-Flood timescale.


  • Investigation of super faults in southern Alaska and their role in launching gigantic slurry-flows preserved today in the form of Cretaceous boulder-bearing strata.

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An Update from Dr. Baumgardner:

I would like to update you on some of my research efforts since many of us were together in St. George, Utah, a bit over a year ago.  Much of my attention has been focused on the issue of the physics responsible for the runaway subduction that occurred during the Genesis Flood...

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Did you see our Ministry Updates?

At Logo Research Associates our members are actively ministering around the world. Below, you will find a link to ministry updates from our members.

Meet all of our Members.

At Logo Research Associates we have over 80 members. Most of our members are Research Associates--those who are top researchers and creationists in their fields. Some of our members are Research Ambassadors--faithful men and women who work diligently to help share the important teachings of the creation message.

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