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Essential Teaching Points

Our Power Point Resources:

Part of our mission at Logos Research Associates is to provide concise and useful creation resources for those interested in sharing the creation message. As a result of our annual meetings, we have put together the following power point presentations to help facilitate the spread of the creation message. We pray this resource will be a blessing for your ministry and a powerful teaching tool. These power point presentations are free to download and use. To download, simply click the power point icon. We ask that you only use these resources if you understand the content. More resources on creation research can be found on each of our member's personal pages.


Why Does it Matter.png
Essential Teaching Points - Why Does it Matter?

Jay Seegert outlines the importance of the Creation debate and asks "Why does it matter?" Jay outlines the relevance of this topic and offers suggestions for how to navigate through this discussion with others.

Essential Teaching Points - Geology:

Dr. John Baumgardner has broken down the top 10 evidences for the flood and made it accessible through this resource.  

Essential Teaching Points - Biology:

Dr. John Sanford walks through the 7 major points of biology. He demonstrates through these points that creation is a reasonable explanation for the biological evidence we see today.

Essential Teaching Points - Cosmology:

Spike Psarris puts together this beautiful power point resource on cosmology. He describes  how, within this field, there is growing amounts of evidence for a Creator.

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