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David Coppedge

David Coppedge

Logos Research Associate B.S. (Physics with honors), B.S. (Secondary Education cum laude)

For 14 years, David F. Coppedge worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA’s most ambitious interplanetary mission, the Cassini Mission to Saturn.  For most of that time, he was Team Lead System Administrator, responsible for 15 networks and 200+ computers across America and Europe. David has also been very active in Intelligent Design and Biblical Creation circles. He has led the Bible Science Association of San Fernando Valley for 25 years. He has led more than 350 “Creation Safaris,” ranging from stargazing parties and local field trips to rigorous hiking and camping expeditions. Since its inception, David has been on the board of Illustra Media, producer of exceptional documentaries on Intelligent Design and Christian apologetics. And since 2001, David has maintained the “Creation-Evolution Headlines” website (Creation-Evolution Headlines), combing the scientific journals, reporting and commenting almost daily on the latest findings in science related to Creation vs. Evolution.  The site is visited by 70 countries from every continent.

Status of David’s lawsuit against JPL for wrongful discrimination: LOST 

Nearly a year after the close of trial, the judge finally handed down his verdict, denying justice without so much as a word of explanation.

To help defray the enormous cost of taking the David Coppedge case to trial, please donate as generously as you can to his legal fund.  Remember, it is not only his own right to freedom from discrimination this suit sought to defend, but yours as well!

To learn more about Dave’s failed lawsuit, the organized slander against him, and his life-threatening bout with cancer, visit his blogsite at

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