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Ministry Update from Randy Guliuzza

After 52 years of fruitful ministry, the Institute for Creation Research is renewing its commitment to rigorous scientific research that affirms the truth of Scripture. In light of that, we’ve designed a new logo that reflects our mission and highlights an exciting new field of research.

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Today’s science-focused culture sees nature as the giver of life and the cause of all of its diversity. Darwin’s nature-centric approach to biology has immense backing in the science community. Why does it have so much appeal? Many scientists and philosophers believe Darwin found a way to explain the obvious design of living creatures without appealing to a Designer—He portrayed nature itself as the Designer exercising intelligent agency over creatures. ICR’s research and new initiatives are playing a crucial role in pushing back against this Darwinian selectionism.

From the beginning, ICR has affirmed the Bible as our foundation for truth. ICR founder Dr. Henry M. Morris searched the Bible for scientific insights that he developed into a new theory for interpreting Earth’s geological structures. In his groundbreaking book The Genesis Flood, co-authored with Dr. John Whitcomb, Dr. Morris demonstrated how the biblical account of a global flood explains many of the geological features we see today. ICR is using the same approach now to construct a biological model to explain what we observe in living creatures. Pulling together biblical insights into God’s creation, we are developing a theory of biological design called Continuous Environmental Tracking (CET) that offers a new framework for interpreting biological phenomena. ICR President Dr. Randy Guliuzza says:

ICR’s most pressing assignment is to fundamentally change the way people understand biology. Our task is to construct a completely new theory of biological design that incorporates recent discoveries and respects the biblical narrative. The theory would explain hundreds of fascinating examples of creatures’ abilities from an organism-centered, engineering-based perspective that gives glory to their Creator— and not to nature.

We hope this theory will become the fundamental, design-based principle uniting biological explanations in Christian textbooks and museums educating future generations of young believers. We pray that an engineering-based approach to biology will spark a second creationist revival…and once again stir up a sense of certainty in Christian truth.

ICR’s scientific research affirms the Bible’s authority and accuracy, and we share our findings to support the local church through worship, edification, and evangelism. We do this in five intentional ways:

  1. Specifically Credit Jesus Christ as Creator

  2. Come Alongside Pastors

  3. Fundamentally Change How People Understand Biology

  4. Spread and Defend the Gospel

  5. Win Scientists and Science Back to Christ


We’re still the ICR you know, love, and support, and our foundation remains the same: We seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ as our Creator, Savior, and returning King.

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