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Ministry Update from Christopher Rupe

Watch scene 4 from Dismantled Evolution documentary film to learn about the remarkable evidence from modern genetics that sheds light on the origin of man. This scene includes: Geneticists and biologists are interviewed on the topic of chimp/human DNA similarities, the waiting time for rare beneficial mutations to become fixed in a hominin population, genetic evidence for a recent, historical Adam and Eve ancestry, a global human migration from the Middle East (Out of Babel vs Out of Africa model), discrepancies in molecular clock dating, the problem with Coalescent Theory, and more. To own or stream the full-length documentary film, visit:

View the Trailer:

View the Movie:


On the weekend of October 9-11, Back2Genesis (my small non-profit ministry) will be premiering a 93-minute documentary entitled DISMANTLED: A SCIENTIFIC DECONSTRUCTION OF THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION.


In DISMANTLED, interviews with several scientists (Dr. John Sanford, Dr. Rob Carter, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, Dr. Georgia Purdom, and Dr. Jason Lisle) and scores of peer-reviewed scientific papers were marshaled to build the case that it is not unreasonable to accept the Book of Genesis (chapters 1-11) as a historically reliable account of our origins. Contrary to popular opinion, the history recorded in Genesis provides a coherent and internally consistent framework for interpreting the evidence from the major fields of science. The evidence presented from biology (scene 2), paleoanthropology (scene 3), and modern genetics (scene 4) are remarkably consistent with the early chapters in Genesis. This is not something we would expect if the Genesis account was merely a primitive creation myth.  


The free one-time weekend premiere will be available on the film’s official website: As the event approaches, feel free to share the link via email, text, and social media to friends, family, churches, and ministries. The film will be available to view anytime during the one-time weekend viewing period. So, any participants with the link can watch the film anytime they wish between Friday, Oct. 9 starting at 12:00 am to Sunday, Oct. 11 ending at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time). Afterwards the film will be available for purchase on DVD, Blu-ray, and online rental on the film’s website and on Amazon.


If you are interested in hosting a special viewing with your church, campus ministry, classroom etc., contact me at To download free promotional material and our weekend premiere poster visit our “Screenings” page. I recommend having an intermission for public viewings since it is a long film.


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