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Ministry Update from Jay Seegert

Short Personal Note:

Things are certainly upside-down right now in the midst of the COVID pandemic, but God is still on the throne and there’s only room for one!


My speaking schedule has largely been put on hold.  I was giving up to 190 talks per year, so that’s a huge change!  I am learning what it means to be content in all things.  (I haven’t achieved that yet… but I’m learning!)  If anyone is interested in organizing an event, just let me know.  We do not charge for our engagements, we simply accept honorariums or whatever the host deems appropriate.  We do ask that travel expenses be covered beyond that.


I have been doing a lot of remote conferences via Livestream and Zoom, but they certainly are not the same as being there in person.  I’m trusting doors to slowly open again, but in the meantime, I’m getting a lot of research done and having a fair amount of opportunity for evangelism, since everyone is looking for answers.


Here’s my custom-made meme, in case your sense of humor is as bad as mine…


My Bio:

  • International speaker & author

  • Founder & Managing Director for The Starting Point Project

  • Holds degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology

  • (Univ. of Wisconsin‐Whitewater & John Brown University)

  • Serves on Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates

  • Speaker for the Creation Science Association of Fiji

  • Representative Speaker for Ratio Christi

  • Former adjunct national speaker for Creation Ministries International

  • Former President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee

  • Been speaking on the Authority of Scripture for 34 years

  • Wife: Amy (married 27 years)

  • Two married children: Son (Taylor), Daughter (Tori)

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2019 Ministry Highlights:

  • Youth conference with about 4,000 students and leaders.

  • Spoke in 2 churches in Hawaii (and celebrated our 26 wedding anniversary)

  • Did a special Grand Canyon seminar and then hiked all the way down to the river and back up the next morning.

  • Logos Research Associates Conference in Utah.

  • Recorded 5 TV shows which are available to 100 million homes around the world.

  • Spoke in public high schools in Fiji 

  • Led 2 Grand Canyon Rim & Raft tours

  • Apologetics Conference in Russia

  • Dinosaur excavation in western Colorado

  • Returned to Fiji a second time to speak

  • Recorded new DVDs

  • Spoke at the US Naval Academy

  • Gave 73 other regular talks in 12 states

2020 Ministry Plans:

(just a few – Now almost all cancelled or postponed)

  • 10th year in a row Districts Youth conference - Green Bay.

  • 2 more Grand Canyon tours

  • Mount St Helens tour

  • Lead a tour of Glacier National Park

  • Speaking in the United Kingdom (3rd time)

  • Kenya trip to train pastors

  • Possible trip to Iceland to for evangelistic outreach

  • Been asked to return to Russia for a conference

  • Possible conference in Hawaii

  • Possible return engagement at the US Naval Academy

  • Possible return engagement with West Point Officers 

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