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About LogosRA

As Ambassadors for Christ we seek to encourage others to believe in Jesus, to faithfully and deliberately believe what Jesus taught, and to believe God’s revealed Word – the Gospel – which is the power of God to salvation. We use scholarship, logic, and the scientific method to show that the historical claims of the Bible are not only credible, but are superior to evolutionary theory to explain the origin of the world we see. We freely acknowledge our own fallibility, the inherent limits of “historical science”, and the need for “faith” by adherents of any view about ultimate origins. We urge all people to NOT put their faith in us, or any other form of human authority, but ultimately to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Meet Our Growing Team

Logos Consists of a governing board, a science advisory panel, research associates and ambassadors. Research programs require qualified scientists, long-term sponsors who understand the strategic importance of scientific research, and public speakers (ambassadors) who make the research accessible to the public. Neither board members, nor members of the science advisory panel, nor research associates, nor ambassadors receive a salary. In a very real sense they are all missionaries: to the universities, to the intellectual world, and to our youth.

LogosRA Board Members:

LogosRA President and Ambassador, Speaker, Author,

LogosRA Secretary and Associate, Associate Professor of Radiology

LogosRA Vice-President and Associate, Geophysicist

Logos Research Director and Associate, Geneticist

LogosRA Treasurer and Associate, Geological Engineer

LogosRA Director and Ambassador

LogosRA Associates:

Biochemist, Research Associate

Behavioral Scientist, Research Associate

Professor of Biology and Paleontology, Research Associate

Chemical Engineer, Research Associate

Retired Research Physicist, Research Associate

Physician, Theologian, Engineer, Research Associate

Nuclear Physicist, Research Associate

Professor of Microbiology, Research Associate

Philosopher of Biology, Research Associate

Software Engineer, Research Associate

Project Leader for Plant Genetic Engineering, Research Associate

Meterologist, Atmospheric Scientist, Research Associate

Organic Chemist, Research Associate

Environmental Scientist, Research Associate

Field and Sedimentary Geologist, Research Associate

Molecular Biologist, Research Associate

Professor of Engineering Design, Research Associate

Physicist, Computer Scientist, Research Associate

Professor of Biology, Research Associate

Physician Scientist, Author, Businessman, Research Associate

Professor of Biology, Research Associate

Professor of Old Testament, Research Associate

Speaker, Apologist, Ordained Pastor, Research Associate

Research Professor, Research Associate

Medical Engineer, Research Associate

Plant Breeder and Cytogeneticst, Research Associate

Senior Professor of Geology, Research Associate

Biologist, Research Associate

Hebrew Scholar, Research Associate

Marine Biologist, Research Associate

Electrical Engineer, Research Associate

Organic Chemist, Research Associate

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Research Associate

Lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology, Research Associate

Retired Professor, Thermodynamics & Dynamic Systems

Biologist, Research Associate

Control Systems Analyst, Research Associate

Geochemist, Research Associate

Professor of Physics, Research Associate

Nuclear Chemist, Research Associate

LogosRA Ambassadors:

Electronic & Electrical Engineer, LogosRA Ambassador

Astro/Geophysicist, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Geologist, LogosRA Ambassador

Political Scientist, Founder/Director of IAC, LogosRA Ambassador

Ancient Historian, LogosRA Ambassador

Economist, LogosRA Ambassador

Computer Scientist, LogosRA Ambassador

Pastor, Counselor, Author, LogosRA Ambassador

Chemical Engineer, Author, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Software Engineer, Consultant, LogosRA Ambassador

Electrical Engineer, Consultant, Pastor, LogosRA Ambassador

Veterinary Technician, LogosRA Ambassador

Apologetics teacher, LogosRA Ambassador

Author and Research Assistant

Mechanical Design Engineer US NAVY, LogosRA Ambassador

Biologist, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Engineer, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Veterinarian, LogosRA Ambassador

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