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 Dynamic Topography of North America during the Flood

Lead Researcher: Dr John Baumgardner

This research initiative will apply the 3D spherical geometry Terra program to investigate the surface height dynamics (dynamic topography) associated with the rapid plate tectonics of the Flood.  Special attention will be given to the surface height variations of North America as it overrode the subducting Farallon Plate.  This relative motion resulted in a temporary depression of the continent surface known as the Western Interior Seaway, which at one point extended from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico.  This feature has been present in the Terra simulations of the breakup of Pangea and subsequent migration of the continents for almost 30 years.  However, the mechanics of the formation of this seaway and especially its abrupt disappearance have been ongoing enigmas to the secular earth science community.  The proposed research will be performed at higher spatial resolution than previously to provide much more accurate quantitative time history of the continent surface height.  This simulation capability will connect the dynamics inside the mantle during the Flood with their expression at the surface at a new level of realism and provide more reliable past topography, which is crucial to interpreting the global Flood stratigraphic record correctly.  Funding for this initiative provides support for one postdoctoral researcher, already a young-earth PhD geophysicist, for one year at Liberty University.  The goal is to train and equip a world expert in this realm of demonstrating beyond any reasonable doubt that the Phanerozoic sediment record indeed is the product of recent global Flood cataclysm.  The requested level of funding is $50,000.

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