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Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan

Mechanical Design Engineer US NAVY, LogosRA Ambassador B.S.M.E. (Mechanical Engineer)

Bill Morgan has been a mechanical design engineer for the U.S. Navy for 29 years.  He also leads the Creation Science Fellowship of Calvary Chapel Westgrove, in Garden Grove, California.  Before founding the Creation Science Fellowship of Calvary Chapel Westgrove, Bill served as vice-president of the former Creation Science Association of Orange County for nearly a decade and a half.  He has developed a comicbook format which communicates Creation vs Evolution issues that are easily understood by junior high and high school students.  Bill frequently stands on public sidewalks outside public schools, passing out comicbooks to eager students.

Bill has publically debated nine (at last count) Evolutionists, and has delivered more than 1,000 talks on Creation versus Evolution to youth groups, university classrooms, and adult groups across California and in other states.

For more information about Bill’s comicbooks and free lessons, please visit

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