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Our Fellowship

LogosRA Consists of a governing board, a science advisory panel, research associates and ambassadors. Research programs require qualified scientists, long-term sponsors who understand the strategic importance of scientific research, and public speakers (ambassadors) who make the research accessible to the public. Neither board members, nor members of the science advisory panel, nor research associates, nor ambassadors receive a salary. In a very real sense they are all missionaries: to the universities, to the intellectual world, and to our youth

 Board Members:

Jay Seegert

LogosRA President and Ambassador, Speaker, Author,

Dr. John Sanford

Logos Research Director and Associate, Geneticist

Dr. John Baumgardner

LogosRA Vice-President and Associate, Geophysicist

Jim Pamplin

LogosRA Director and Ambassador

Fred Bauhof

LogosRA Treasurer and Associate, Geological Engineer

Chris Rupe

Biologist, Speaker, LogosRA Director

Dr. Don Jacobson

LogosRA Secretary and Associate, Associate Professor of Radiology


Dr. Ross Anderson

Biochemist, Research Associate

Dr. Pieter Borger

Molecular Biologist, Research Associate

Dr. Stuart Burgess

Professor of Engineering Design, Research Associate

Dr. John Doane

Electrical Engineer, Research Associate

Dr. Randy Guliuzza

Physician, Theologian, Engineer, Research Associate

Dr. Joseph Kezele

Professor of Biology, Research Associate

Dr. Andy McIntosh

Retired Professor, Thermodynamics & Dynamic Systems

Philip Panicker

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Engineering Academic Laboratories

Dr. Franzine Smith

Project Leader for Plant Genetic Engineering, Research Associate

Dr. Alan Walker

Plant Breeder and Cytogeneticst, Research Associate

Dr. Steven Austin

Field and Sedimentary Geologist, Research Associate

Dr. Stephen Boyd

Hebrew Scholar, Research Associate

Dr. Rob Carter

Marine Biologist, Research Associate

Dr. Tom English

Retired Research Physicist, Research Associate

Dr. Scott Hardin

Physician Scientist, Author, Businessman, Research Associate

Dr. Peter Line

Lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology, Research Associate

Dr. Paul Nelson

Philosopher of Biology, Research Associate

Bruce Potter

Software Engineer, Research Associate

Dr. Robert Stadler

Medical Engineer, Research Associate

Dr. James Wanliss

Professor of Physics, Research Associate

Dr. Jerry Bergman

Biologist, Research Associate

Dr. Leonard Brand

Professor of Biology and Paleontology, Research Associate

Dr. Timothy Cooper

Chemical Engineer, Research Associate

Dr. Andrew Fabich

Professor of Biology, Research Associate

Dr. Mark Horstemeyer

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Research Associate

Dr. Ying Liu

Professor of Microbiology, Research Associate

Dr. Rick Oliver

Speaker, Apologist, Ordained Pastor, Research Associate

Dr. Randall Price

Research Professor, Research Associate

Ray Strom

Geochemist, Research Associate

Dr. Alan White

Organic Chemist, Research Associate

Dr. Dan Biddle

Behavioral Scientist, Research Associate

Sarah Buckland

Environmental and Social Science Researcher

David Coppedge

Physicist, Computer Scientist, Research Associate

Dr. Kenneth Funk

Organic Chemist, Research Associate

Dr. Russell Humphreys

Nuclear Physicist, Research Associate

Dr. Jeremy Lyon

Professor of Old Testament, Research Associate

Dr. Chris Osborne

Biologist, Research Associate

Dr. Stan Sholar

Control Systems Analyst, Research Associate

Dr. Larry Vardiman

Meterologist, Atmospheric Scientist, Research Associate

Dr. John Whitmore

Senior Professor of Geology, Research Associate


Stephano Bertolini

Electronic & Electrical Engineer, LogosRA Ambassador

Steve Ham

Pastor, Counselor, Author, LogosRA Ambassador

Bill Morgan

Mechanical Design Engineer US NAVY, LogosRA Ambassador

Bendeguz Szuk

Electrical Engineer, Consultant, Pastor, LogosRA Ambassador

Dr. Gay Zambrano

Veterinarian, LogosRA Ambassador

Jason Browning

Computer Scientist, LogosRA Ambassador

Bridgette Heap

Author and Research Assistant

Steven Policastro

Political Scientist, Founder/Director of IAC, LogosRA Ambassador

Helmut Welke

Engineer, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Kevin Conover

Apologetics teacher, LogosRA Ambassador

William Hoesch

Geologist, LogosRA Ambassador

Spike Psarris

Software Engineer, Consultant, LogosRA Ambassador

John Wynne

Economist, LogosRA Ambassador

Keith Davies

Astro/Geophysicist, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Bruce Malone

Chemical Engineer, Author, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

James Stroud

Ancient Historian, LogosRA Ambassador

Dan Zambrano

Veterinary Technician, LogosRA Ambassador

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