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Dr. Alan White

Dr. Alan White

Logos Research Associate, Fellow (retired), Eastman Chemical Company Board Member of Canopy Ministries BS (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)

After receiving his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Harvard University, Alan joined Eastman Chemical Company as a research scientist. During the last thirty years, Alan has been granted 41 US patents and has been an author on 18 publications. His research has encompassed many different areas, including synthetic organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, animal health and nutrition, synthetic polymer chemistry, biodegradable polymers, and polymer process improvement. Alan was the main inventor on Eastman’s commercial biodegradable polymer and had a significant role in developing Eastman’s new Integrex process for the preparation of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) — the plastic from which soft drink bottles are made. As a member of Canopy Ministries, Alan has spoken on scientific issues related to the Bible many times in the southeastern US and in Peru. Alan is looking forward to applying his expertise in chemistry research to projects related to the Biblical issues, such as the geochemical aspects of the global flood and degradation rates of once-living tissues.

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