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Dr. Dan Biddle

Dr. Dan Biddle

Logos Research Associate, Behavioral Scientist, President of Genesis Apologetics, Inc.

Daniel A. Biddle, Ph.D. is President of Genesis Apologetics, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to training youth pastors, parents, and students about Genesis, Creation, and the Flood. Daniel has authored/edited nine books and several articles on these topics, produced two films on Genesis and apologetics (and is working on a third on Noah’s Flood, coming to theaters 2022), produced 100+ training videos on the Genesis Apologetics YouTube channel (with 113,000 subscribers, >10.4 million views, and content translated into 13 languages). Daniel has given hundreds of presentations to thousands of people on these topics. Daniel’s professional background includes undergraduate and graduate work in theology and apologetics, training as a behavioral scientist (Ph.D. Industrial-Organizational Psychology), and 20 years’ experience in expert witness consulting/testimony in state/federal cases involving scientific research methods, statistics, and psychometrics. Daniel and his wife Jenny live in Folsom, CA and enjoy their four adult children.

While Daniel has been a Christian since age 11, his position on the specific chronology of Genesis remained “undeclared” until 2011 when the evidence surrounding the fossil record (dinosaurs in particular), flood geology, and biblical exegesis led him to the historical position on the Genesis account.

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