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Dr. Gay Zambrano

Dr. Gay Zambrano

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, Ordained Pastor, Speaker, LogosRA Ambassador

Dr. Gay Zambrano is a 1991 graduate of the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She fulfilled an externship at the London Zoo. Practicing full-time small animal and exotics medicine in the Long Beach/West Orange County area since 1991. Part-time clinical and consulting positions in laboratory animal medicine for 15 years. 

Both Gay and her husband are Ordained Pastors in the Free Methodist Church. They love teaching and preaching the Word of God to people of ALL AGES. They have worked with students from 4th & 5th graders, through High School, College, and beyond!

They have given talks at several Creation Science Groups as well as Youth Groups, Small Groups or Sunday morning sermons. Their teachings have covered such topics as: “Twelve Biggest Lies”, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis”, “If All Dogs Go To Heaven, What About Cats?”, “Birds from Reptiles…Really?”, “Let There Be Light! Regenerative Medicine & Photobiomodulation".

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