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Dr. Pieter Borger

Dr. Pieter Borger

MSc, PhD, Molecular Biologist, Freelance Researcher, Author of "Terug naar de Oorsprong," Logos Research Associate

Dr. Borger  (MSc, PhD) was born on 27 December 1965 in the Netherlands, Europe. He was raised in a secular household, where his father taught the primary basics of the biblical world view. 1994, he graduated from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) in biochemistry and molecular genetics. 1998 he received a PhD from the same University for his thesis on The Regulation of Gene Expression in human T cells. An authority on molecular biology of gene expression and signal-transduction networks, he published over 50 articles in leading international journals. The closely interconnected and coupled biochemical reactions that he studied showed him that in biology nothing is left to chance or selfishness. He became convinced that evolution, as taught at the Academy and popularized by materialistic philosophers, is wrong. From further studies he concluded that life cannot be explained by naturalistic means, it can only be explained by an intelligent Creator. He concluded that Christianity, especially historical Christianity, is trustworthy and should be defended by Christian scientists. Dr. Borger is a free lance researcher, who worked for several renowned universities in Europe and Australia, and he is the author of Terug naar de Oorsprong (in dutch) and Darwin Revisited.

Selected Papers & Books:

  • P Borger. Regulation of T cell cytokine gene expression (Thesis). 175 pages. Denderen BV, The Netherlands. 1998. ISBN 90-9011922-1.

  • P Borger. Terug naar de Oorsprong (Dutch). 328 pages. De Oude Wereld, The Netherlands. 2009. ISBN/EAN 9789057982989.

  • P Borger. Darwin Revisited. Or how to understand biology in the 21st century. 243 pages. Scholar’s Press, Mauritius. 2018. ISBN 978-620-2-31511-1

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