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Dr. Scott Hardin

Dr. Scott Hardin

MD, Owner, Curriculum Developer and Author (Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum), Senior Vice President Medical Staff, Logos Research Associate

After many years working really hard, seeing lots of patients, learning what makes an effective leader (and an ineffective one), spreading out into areas of healthcare I never knew existed – quality, safety, risk management, peer review, medical staff governance, insurance captive strategies, practitioner performance assessment and improvement, health informatics and hospital/medical group operations, it seemed like it was finally God’s time for me to focus as much time as possible on writing quality curricula about His Creation and everything that goes along with it.

Selected Papers & Books:

  • Hardin ST. Chemistry, Ohana Life Press, In Press

  • Hardin ST. Philosophy of and History Origins, Ohana Life Press, 2018

  • Hardin ST. Introductory Science, 1st edition, Ohana Life Press, 2016

  • Niezgoda JA, Hardin ST, Kubat N, Acompanado J. The management of      intractable pain with adjuvant pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Adv Skin Wound Care. 2014 May; 27(5):205-09.

  • Hardin, S.: Life Science, Ohana Life Press, 2008

  • Salzstein R, Hardin ST, Hastings J. Osteoporosis in spinal cord injury: Using an index of mobility and its relationship to bone density. J Am Paraplegic Soc. 1992 October; 15(4):232-34.

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