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Dr. Stuart Burgess

Dr. Stuart Burgess

BSc, PhD, CEng, FIMechE, Professor of Engineering Design, Director of the System Doctoral Training Centre, Logos Research Associate

Stuart has held academic posts at Bristol University, Cambridge University and Liberty University in the USA. He was the lead designer for the solar array deployment on the world’s largest civilian earth-observing spacecraft (Envisat). He also led the design and testing of the chain drive for the world record-breaking track bikes used by the British Olympic Cycling Team at the Rio Olympics where Team GB won six gold medals. He has published over 160 scientific papers on the science of design. He also has seven patents and received several national awards for his designs including the Turners Gold Medal and Molins Design Prize awarded by the minister of State for Trade and Industry. He has written several books on apologetics and is a popular international speaker. Stuart is married to Jocelyn and they have five children.

National/International Awards and Prizes:

  • 2017     Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (Olympic Bike Design)

  • 2017     IEOM Society Global Engineering Education Award

  • 2008     Wessex Institute Scientific Medal

  • 1997     Worshipful Company of Turner’s Bronze Medal

  • 1993     Worshipful Company of Turner’s Gold Medal

  • 1993     UK Mitutyo Design Prize

  • 1986     UK Design Council Molins Prize

  • 1985     IMechE National Queen’s Silver Jubilee Competition, Second Place

Journal Paper Prizes:

  • 2013     Journal of Lean Six Sigma: Literati Award for Excellence

  • 2012     Journal of Smart Materials & Structures: Featured paper

  • 2010     Journal of Lean Six Sigma: Best Paper Prize

  • 2002     Process Engineering Prize (IMechE)

  • 2001     Water Arbitration Prize (IMechE)

Special Appointments & Fellowships:

  • 2018                 External Examiner at Cambridge University

  • 2018                 Orator for the honorary degree of John Deer at Bristol University

  • 2011-2013       External Examiner at Exeter University

  • 2011                 Orator for the honorary doctorate for Ben Morris at Bristol University

  • 2004-2011       Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • 2003                 Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

  • 1996-1997       External Examiner Tokyo University

  • 1995-1997       Bye-Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge University

Scientific Grants and Publications:

I have been an investigator on 20 grants valuing over £2 million. The grants have been awarded from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Ministry of Defence.

Scientific Publications:

  • 80+ Journal papers on mechanical engineering science including bio-inspired design

  • 80+ Conference papers on mechanical engineering science


  • Burgess, S.C. and Pyper, T., Novel chain link, European Patent, GB2416578. 2008.

  • Burgess, S.C. and Khang, J. Rotary Damper. U.K. Patent Application No. 9518687.0, 1996.

  • Moore, D.F., Burgess, S.C., Chiang, H-S., Klaubert, H., Shibaike, N. and Kiriyama, T. Microelectromechanical accelerometer.  U.K. Patent No. 9426363.9, 1995.

  • Burgess, S.C. and Karp, S. Expansible-band clutch. European Patent No. 0425522B1, 1993.

  • Burgess, S.C. Double-action worm gear set. European Patent Number 92302263.6, 1992.

  • Burgess, S.C. and Humphries, M.E. Hinge actuator. European Patent No 92302263.6, 1992.

  • Karp, S. and Burgess, S.C. Collapsible-band one-way clutch. U.K. Patent No 2174464, 1989.

Design Contributions:

  • Spacecraft Design

  • Skylark rocket, separation mechanism, 1989 ($1 million satellite)

  • Envisat satellite, solar array deployment mechanism, 2002 ($2 billion)

  • Metop A satellite, solar array deployment mechanism, 2006 ($1 billion)

  • Metop B satellite, solar array deployment mechanism, 2012 ($1 billion)

  • Metop C satellite, solar array deployment mechanism, 2018 ($1 billion)

Olympic Bike Design:

  • 2016 (August)               Rio Olympics, Brazil  (6 gold medals)

  • 2017 (April)                   World Championships, Hong Kong (UCI Track Cycling)

  • 2017 (November)        World Cup, England (UCI Track Cycling)

  • 2018 (March)                World Championships, Holland (UCI Track Cycling)

  • 2018 (August)               European Championships in Berlin

  • 2018 (October)             World Cup, Canada (UCI Track Cycling)

  • 2018 (December)         World Cup, England (UCI Track Cycling)

Other Design Projects:

  • North Sea oil rig crane design

  • Atomic Force Microscopes design

  • Triumph Motorcycles design of electric bikes

  • Micro air vehicle design for the ministry of defence

  • Spacecraft design: Military satellites and Hubble Space Telescope

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