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Jay Seegert

Jay Seegert

LogosRA President and Ambassador, Founder and Keynote Speaker for The Starting Point Project, Engineer, BS Physics, AS Technology

Jay Seegert is the Founder and Director for The Starting Point Project ( and the author of 3 books (see list below). He has served on the Board of Directors for Logos Research Associates for the past 10 years, becoming President in November 2022.

Jay has degrees in both Physics (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) and Engineering Technology (John Brown University, Arkansas).  He has been speaking on Creation/Evolution and the Authority of Scripture, as well as many other apologetic topics, for 38 years.  He travels both nationally and internationally, speaking up to 190 times a year.  In addition to his books, he has produced numerous videos, livestream broadcasts, and podcasts, as well as many television and radio interviews.

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