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John Wynne

John Wynne

Economist, B.S. (Economics), M.S. (Economics)

Mr. Wynne, an Economist involved with integrated resource plan development, has worked on five continents and traveled to more than 20 countries since joining Black & Veatch in 1990. He is the most experienced analyst with Black & Veatch in terms of international studies. A financial specialist, Mr. Wynne has performed and directed numerous studies in the areas of system planning, pro forma analysis, socioeconomic impact analyses and has developed power purchase agreements. He has trained many utility and Black & Veatch analysts in areas related to least­cost planning, pro forma analysis and socioeconomics.

Mr. Wynne has performed extensive analysis in the areas of production costing evaluations, risk assessments, the development of capacity solicitations, socioeconomics and in the identification of sources of project financing. Prior to joining Black & Veatch, he was a Senior Economist at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, Economist for the Indiana Department of Commerce and also has taught college economics.

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