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Ray Strom

Ray Strom

Geochemist, Entrepreneur, President of Calgary Rock and Materials Services, Research Associate, Graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, B.S. (Chemistry)

Ray Strom is a graduate of the Chemistry Program (Chemical Technologist - Industrial) of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – SAIT (1971). His career at SAIT spanned technical service and instructorship. Instrument operation and maintenance in the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Departments laid the groundwork for joining the oil and gas industry in 1980. During his tenure at that major international oil and gas company, he spent much time researching, evaluating and improving procedures for sample processing, imaging and analysis of rocks and fossils of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and other international locations. In 1999, with the shutdown of that lab operation, Ray was able to acquire the assets and continue operations up to the current time. Comparison of origins models and the processes associated with them continues to be a primary part of Ray’s interests.

Selected Papers & Books:

  • Sand Injectites at the base of the Coconino Sandstone, Grand Canyon, Arizona (USA), Whitmore, John H., Strom, Ray, Sedimentary Geology 230 (2010) 46-59.

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