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Spike Psarris

Spike Psarris

Electrical Engineer, LogosRA Ambassador B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Software Engineer, Consultant

Spike worked for Lockeed Martin under the former United States Space Command, advancing from Scientific Programmer Analyst to Senior Systems Engineer before going into business for himself as a Consultant, which enables him to spend more time with his family, homeschooling his sons, and doing Creation ministry.

Spike entered the space program as an atheist and an evolutionist, and came out as a Christian and a young earth creationist who eagerly shares what he has learned with others.  He has a website, and a newsletter, has produced two outstanding DVDs on astronomy, Our Created Solar System and Our Created Stars and Galaxies, and speaks at creation conferences, creation family camps, homeschool events, church services, “creation weekends”, and at various creation association meetings.

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