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Steven Policastro

Steven Policastro

B.A. in Political Science, B.B.A. in Management, Founder and Director of The International Association for Creation, LogosRA Ambassador

Steven Policastro, founder and director of the International Association for Creation, is a visionary leader dedicated to promoting Christ-centered education. His latest endeavor, Christian Museum Tours, showcases his innovative approach to immersive learning by illuminating biblical narratives within the world’s best museums. With a passion for evangelism and discipleship, Steven has trained dozens of ministry professionals, empowering them to deliver highly impactful biblical worldview tours, including at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (Washington), the Field Museum (Chicago), and the California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco). Steven's work enables Christian Museum Guides to serve Christian parents, students, and teachers in over forty major cities throughout the United States and beyond. Steven’s unwavering commitment to Christ-

centered education and his proven leadership continue to propel his team forward in providing innovative education solutions around the world, creating opportunities for all by amplifying learning, increasing access, and protecting rights.

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