Who are we?

A Fellowship of Scholars

We are a fellowship of scholars and scientists who faithfully hold to the teachings of Jesus Christ and all of his Word, and also faithfully hold to the scientific method and the need for scientific integrity.

What do we do?

Scientific Research that Affirms Scripture and Encourages Others!

As scholars and scientists we delve deeply into the scientific controversies which affect Christian belief and unbelief. We are doing high quality original research that can challenge many academic dogmas of our day -in areas such as cosmology, geology, genetics, and archeology. We are building national and international collaborative research teams. We wish to effectively communicate our findings, and the findings of others, to people like you. As Ambassadors for Christ we seek to encourage others to believe in Jesus, to faithfully and deliberately believe what Jesus taught, and to believe God’s revealed Word – the Gospel– which is the power of God to salvation. 

Contested Bones is the result of four years of intense research into the primary scientific literature concerning those bones that are thought to represent transitional forms between ape and man. This book’s title reflects the surprising reality that all the famous “hominin” bones continue to be fiercely contested today—even within the field of paleoanthropology. Even though the topic is technical, the book is accessible for a broad audience and is reported to be engaging even for nontechnical people.












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